Xanga – Weblog Entry

Moving On.
A long 6 months.. of pure brutality and pain..

I played the fool for 6 months, I played the victim..

But.. no more, I said to myself no more, and I have finally been able to step forward with much more confidence.. confidence that although I’m not yet.. It’ll only be a matter of time before I’m happy again..

Until there I just have to hold strong..

What’s given up cannot be reclaimed..

Yes.. that’s probably true – and so.. I couldn’t hold onto her no more, no more believing there could be a possibility of her turning around, forget it, drop it.. It’s just time to move forward. Giving her up.

It’s been a 6 month long battle with no rest..

I just hope things will start to look better for me..

Good guys just need a break..

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