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Redefing Meanings #1.

Maybe this’ll become a new thing for my blog..

Where I take a word/sentence/meaning and redefine it.

This time, the meaning is “Group Work”:

Group work
–noun Sociology.
a method, used by professional social workers, of aiding a group or members of a group toward individual adjustment and increased participation in community activity by exploiting the mechanisms of group life. Source

New definition with evidence of “Group Work”:

Group work
-noun Sociology + Procrastination.
a method, used by tertiary/secondary students, of disappearing (A.W.O.L-ing – Absence without official leave) on the group for an assignment where everyone is suppose to have equal contribution. The result usually ends up with one or two people doing the whole assignment – resulting in lack of sleep, low tolerance to shit and decreased respect for the other ‘team’ members. However, enough respect to give them equal credit for a mark they do not deserve.

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