Special A – Throwing some thoughts.

Almost finished the last episode.
As it’s going now, the ending seems kind of clear.

First I want to point out that this anime reminds me of Ouran Highschool Host Club alot – even the main characters sort of look similar!

The storyline is kind of similar, well the raw part of it anyway.

But the main difference is that it’s about a guy, Kei and his friend, Hikari who are also rivals at everything they do. Kei being first in the school, and Hikari being second.

Although Hikari only considers Kei a rival.

It’s a very nice anime though. It’s funny most of the times, serious when it needs to be – but for the most part it’s funny.

The expressions are hilarious, some very special one-liners too.

Although sometimes it gets a bit annoying because of how dense Hikari is – lol.

Art is nice; different, but more so like Ouran, but refreshing from what I’ve been watching though =P

Music is good, namely the background music, the instrumental pieces fit well with certain scenes.

It’s a longer anime than the ones I’ve been watching (24Eps, instead of 12Eps).

But I agree with what Joe said, it seemed to have ended a bit too fast. So probably a bit disappointed at the ending.

All and all, it’s warm and funny, but because it was 24 episodes I had to drag it over 2 days instead of one night ._.

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