Brrriiiing Briiing..

As the title loosely suggests – I just got back from a bikeride; my Tour de Cherrybrook.

It’s been a long, LONG time since I’ve ridden my bike.

It’s got spiderwebs all over it and the handle bar was leaned on the garage wall for so long when I unounted it, paint came off, lol..

I didn’t pump the rear tyre enough and the whole ride was wobbly =P.


I went for a quick circuit around Purchase Rd->Shepards Dr->Appletree Dr->Shepards Dr->Greenway Oval->Home type thing..


..I went past her house, I caught a glimpse of her, sitting alone outside in the front yard. I rode past and thought maybe I should say Hi. I turned my bike around and reached the top of her driveway. I realised after taking off my headphone that she wasn’t actually alone – just on the phone..

I slapped myself in my mind.

Yes, what was I doing? It really was time to move on.

And so I rang the bike bell twice.

“Brrriiing brrriiing..”


And I was off.. not turning back.


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