Frost Nixon: A Quick Review

Last night, around like 3am, I decided to watch Frost Nixon because I felt like watching/listening to something while I was vectoring.

Frost Nixon pretty much goes through the events of The Nixon Interviews. Despite my lack of knowledge for both the interviews and Richard Nixon himself (that goes without saying, why he resigned either).. it still turned out to be a very interesting film.

I think that is a number 1 important factor for a film like this. For people who aren’t as historically/politcally aware of such matters.. then movies like these still end up being very enjoyable.

I liked how it was very closely tied with alot of TV satire and camera techniques and what not. But also I reckon the actor who played Nixon really did a great job at it. Emotions were a big part of the movie and they were executed well.

Even at the end they still managed to throw a curve ball and made me wonder whether some specific event really happened or not.

Whether you’re into politics or not, I think it should be a film worth checking out.

To me this was one of those films that made me Wikipedia alot of the characters/events right after the movie (despite it finishing at like 4am+ LOL).

P.s. I hope this posts properly because I’m testing with “Adobe Contribute CS3”. Back to work!


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