K-ON! (けいおん!)

And so the new anime season has began.

Although I may still be catching old anime. It’s always good to watch current animes!


But I was a bit disappointed to see there wasn’t much shoujo this time :(. Mainly shounen and fantasy.. ack! BASARA LOL!


But this anime which Hao mentioned to me: K-ON! Looks very promising.

Very.. promising!


Yep, splendid

Yep, splendid


Except I can’t understand why Kyoto animation insists on keeping their animes at 4:3 despite it being a 16:9 world!

Ah well, I’ll live haha.

Expect vector/fan art to come from this anime!

P.s. I love how anime lately have started to use the main voice actors/actresses to sing the OP and ED! Then again, this anime is about music haha.


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