[REVIEW] Tales of the Abyss

Tales of the Abyss is like one of the “Tales of” series which was made into an anime instead of a game.

You might of heard of like.. Tales of Symphonia.. etc etc.. by the same makers, just yeah, anime instead of game.


Well the anime.. I dont know to be honest, I mean.. it kind of reminded me of FF7.. it felt really for kids (it was also by BANDAI Visual Studios, probably explains why).

Main character, Luke, sets out on an adventure more or less to find out more about himself after a coincidental events occured when this girl, Tear shows up in his life.. him a her and a group of friends set out to save the world, and discover stories of their past.


So that’s the break down really.

I have to say though, I really liked the art -> and the 1024×720 resolution really worked nicely for the video, really really nicely.

So the art and combat animation was REALLY well done.

Music.. not so.

Voices well.. okay.

Story.. kinda typical-child-fairytale.


So if you’re looking for like a fantasy/adventure/teenage anime, this is for you, romance is kind of dead, comedy is kind of dead.

So it’s pretty serious and sometimes it’s alot of qq/talking and not alot of pewpew/action.


Sometimes it felt like a game.


It was predictable but sometimes you still wanted to watch it.. I think maybe there was just too many characters especially for 26 episodes, you have that many characters and they’re all linked to one another, that means each character only gets like 10 mins or something to explain their life history, kind of lame =P.


Funny thing to note is that the original Fansub group – GG, stopped all projects at around episode 22/26 and said something like “Cya Fags!” so.. lucky another FanSub picked it up hahaha.


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