Indescribable, Warm, and Fuzzy..

It was a rainy day when I first met him, the rain felt like it was crying, like something was wrong..

He staggered towards me holding a paper bag, sometimes weakly raising it to tip the remaining drops of liquid into his dry mouth.

As he approached, I could not tell whether he was crying or was it the rain.

But one thing was obvious, he was a broken man.. he felt very lifeless, soulless, just wondering and staggering.

“Mister, are you OK..?”

He staggers pass me, the smell of alcohol reeked from him.. I held my arm across my face and asked again.


He continues to walk pass. I’m not sure why, but I grabbed onto his coat.

He stopped. Grunted and looked at me; his eyes glowed in the dark and rain..

“Are you OK, Mister?”

I shared my umbrella with him, half covering him and half covering myself. I don’t know what it was, but I wanted to know this man’s story. This broken person.. I wanted to know.

We managed to move under some cover.

“Mister, what’s the matter?”

He collapsed against the wall and sat against it, lowering his head he took another stinking sip.

“Kid, have you ever heard of the word Love?”


He took yet another sip and wiped his mouth.

“Kid.. it’s an indescribable, warm, and fuzzy kind of thing.. hard to convey, hard to explain, yet.. it’s one of the greatest and deadliest things a human can experience.”

“It’s kind of ironic isn’t it kid? What is able to drag you from the darkness can also plunge you right back into it. There’s nothing else like that in this world.”

“Mister, how would you know if you obtained it?”

He snickered and tried to salvage any remaining liquid in the bottle, realising it was empty, he threw the bag against the wall.

“You will know one day kid, don’t be afraid, but don’t take it for granted. You will know if you’ve obtained it.. That special person, you’ll always be thinking of them, you’ll always want to be with them.. and that person will always be on your mind.”

“It’s a warm feeling, it gives you a funny fuzzy feeling inside you when you two are together.”

He raised his head a bit and smiled.

“Take it as a warning kid.. those who are able to stand up again, are those who will only be stronger.”

With that, he slowly stood up.. and started to walk away, leaving me sitting there alone and wondering to myself what’s instore for me in the near future.

Just then, the rain stopped, the sun shone, and a cool breeze blew pass..

Kid.. thank you.. I was finally able to stand up again..

I looked up to the now-blue sky and wondered..

..wondered what was instore.


2 thoughts on “Indescribable, Warm, and Fuzzy..

  1. misdreavous says:

    Does time heal wounds? No, it only mends injuries so it seems like they never happened. But if you look deep enough, the wound is still there. Either you pretend the wound doesn’t exist risking aggravating the injury again one day, or you can bear the scar to remind yourself of the mistakes in the past so you don’t make them again in the future.

    • sukari89 says:

      That’s true, but that’s why it makes you stronger, because you carry the wounds with you and the lessons learnt for a lifetime.

      Given you can stand up again, you can always learn and become stronger, or pass on the knowledge and experience.

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