Nodame Cantabile – A Review

This anime.. this.. anime..


In short.. this anime’s main theme is Music – mainly classical.

At first I put it off for awhile because it did not seem that appealing. But later on, especially finding out that:


1. This season of anime didn’t have alot of anime in the genres I like.

2. It’s the same team as Honey and Clover!


So having said that..

Nodame Cantable is about  an arrogant, yet gifted music student – Chiaki, who aspires to become a famous conductor. A girl, Noda (who prefers to be called Nodame) who is very talented in piano falls in love with him and the story follows the journey of Chiaki, Nodame and their friends as they grow and aim higher and higher in this musical world.


The anime features alot of famous classical pieces and the drama involved was very good!


It has essences of Honey and Clover, and the humour was similar too. But an anime like this – it’s to no surprise that they made a drama for it! Needless to say the drama won alot of awards, the anime itself was very highly rated.


I felt it was very unique and very well done.


Touching.. inspiring.. sometimes the episodes would send chills down your spine just because of how well things were executed.


And you know what was the best thing about it?


The ending was very very well done..


I can’t wait to get my hands on the 2nd season.. and of course, I’ll be looking forward to whenever the 3rd season starts to air!


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