Insane in the membrane!

Ever heard the saying that “Everyday is an adventure”?

Damn. It sure is!


Let’s see.. about 1:33pm [14/05/2009] I started to prepare myself for the battle.. the famous, much talked about battle of Optometry timetables of the new semester..

14/05/2009.. it was enrollment time for Optometry at UNSW.

I was assigned to handle Angela’s timetable because she had class. David had to handle Janet’s for the same reason. And so there we were.. both waiting and both trying to calm our nerves..

(1:33 PM) David: 30 minutesssss
(1:33 PM) Ben: plams sweaty? blood pumping
(1:35 PM) David: lol its too cold
(1:35 PM) Ben: haha
(1:35 PM) Ben: i wonder when it’ll start.. hmm
(1:37 PM) David: lol
bash refresh

(1:37 PM) Ben: lol
thats what ive been told hahaha
(1:37 PM) David: lol
(1:38 PM) David: ive been told to use both IE anf Firefox 

As you can obviously see, David and I, although quite tight we’re also rivals in this case, so we’re trying to indirectly psych each other out.

The never-stopping clock ticks..

(1:47 PM) Ben: hmm..
nervous LOL

(1:48 PM) David: hahaha
im watching big bang to wind down the time

(1:48 PM) Ben: this is nuts man..

i just finished an ep of anime too argh


Note the time, 1:48pm.. it’s about to begin, it’s about to..

(1:49 PM) Ben: i feel like a fangirl waiting in line to see some hawt celebrity
(1:49 PM) David: hahah
(1:50 PM) Ben: something to blog about
(1:55 PM) David: LOL
janet just calledme

(1:56 PM) Ben: LOL
oops =P

(1:56 PM) David: said she was stressing out cause i didnt pick up twice
(1:56 PM) Ben: HAHAHA
geez man

(1:57 PM) Ben: this is where all the dota gaming comes into play..

(1:57 PM) David: haha


Note how David dropped off for 5 minutes supposedly because Janet called him? I bet he was fixing up his nerves man, probably broke down.

1:57PM, 3 more minutes, but I’ve been instructed to bash the refresh button at 1:58PM, oh and did I, here was my setup:

Dual Screen.. 3 Browsers.. [CLICK FOR FULL]

Dual Screen.. 3 Browsers.. (CLICK FOR FULL)

Yes I know it looks obscure, that’s because one monitor is a widescreen and the other isn’t. No prize for guessing which monitor is which. 


(1:57 PM) Ben: i’ve never hit f5 so many times
(1:59 PM) David: i reckon

(1:59 PM) Ben: fuck i wanna get on with my life
LOL jk

(1:59 PM) David: hahaha


(2:01 PM) Ben: hahaha

(2:01 PM) Ben: more stressful than rt1*
(2:01 PM) David: haha

*RT1 = Research Topics in Information Systems 1, which is the doom of my week.

Man so here David and I are, just spamming refresh like mad, I’m like logging in and out, clearing the browsing history and cache and everything, trying to get bloody into the enrollment shit.. BUT NOOOOO

(2:08 PM) David: lollll
janet just called

(2:08 PM) Ben: farrk
this going no where

(2:08 PM) David: somehow people can enrol
which is wtf

(2:08 PM) Ben: HAHAHA GG
(2:08 PM) David: cause i still dont see anything
so she is getting someone to enrol for her

(2:09 PM) David: pressure offfffff

So David was out, FAIL. DISMISSED.

That leaves me.. or so I thought.

(2:10 PM) Ben: HAHAHA
i got dismissed just then too

(2:10 PM) Ben: FAIL


(2:10 PM) David: rofl

Yep, Angela called me soon after and I was off the case.

That’s a double B.I.T. Fail man.. double killed, double death, just double fail.

But Optometry students are insane, not only do they pack the hours, they still have the patience and time to do shit like:

(2:11 PM) David: in 10 minutes one group gone

(2:11 PM) Ben: i know wtf argh

That’s just crazy!

So David and I walked into this battle with no experience and got slaughtered.

We can’t even survive the enrollment, there’s no point even considering Optometry @ UNSW as a course.

B.I.T. is where I belong, at least I’m sure now.


3 thoughts on “Insane in the membrane!

  1. angela says:


    ahahahaha man i feel terrible having to put you through this LOL but yeh this is what we have done and will continue to do so for the rest of our degree =p

    and thank you =p really, even though you were dismissed WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • sukari89 says:

      LoL it’s like one in a million =P

      See we BITs totally empathise with you Optom, we’re like brother sister courses LOL.

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