“What a boring event” you think to yourself as you walk around the buzzing atomsphere swirling your drink.

You wonder and you walk, giving half-assed examinations on people’s exhibitions, you didn’t really care and you didn’t really know why you were here.

You come across a set of headphones and you feel some sort of attraction to it. You approach it.

You put down your drink and you pick the headphones up.

You hesistate… but decide to slip them on..


“Alright men! Drop zone in 20 seconds, watch yourself, watch out for each other, give ’em hell boys!”

Violent splashes of water, the rustling of the engine and the loud shouting coming from the rest of the boat. Although you could not see it, you could hear it, you could feel it. The heavy breathing coming from the person to your left, the nervous shaking of the person on the right as he rustles to reach his water canteen. 

Even yourself. You could hear it. You could feel it. Your heavy breathing, your heart beating faster and heavier.

The shouting seemed to have slowed down, but suddenly there’s a loud crash, the boat has hit something hard.

The rest of the men fall and tumble, cursing and shouting.

“Let’s go! Watch each other, watch yourselves! See you on the other side!”

The sound of a heavy metal door and it’s gears rotating on each other, clink.. clink.. and bang, as it hits the sand. This was it.

Footsteps, many footsteps, left, right, centre, behind, all around, just rustling through past you. The heavy shoes smashing on the metal surface of the boat, just clanging and banging rustling to get off the ship.

As you take a step, you hear a quick rustle; a pierce, one that’s strong enough to penetrate the human flesh, followed by a deathly scream, “Johnson! Johnson! Fuck!”

“Keep moving men! Keep moving!”

Louder war cries, more charging, louder clanging of the boots, more barrages of enemy fire.

Whizzing past, the left, no, the right!

The haunting sounds of bullets ricocheting off the metal boat and grazing the men, the sound of piercing flesh and painful cries.

Your breathing gets louder, and more inconsistent, seems like you’ve finally made it off the boat, your foot hitting the sandy ground sounds heavy, the crunch and squeakiness of your boots tell you so. But you have to keep running.

Ahead of you awaits a larger barrage, not only bullets this time, mortars too, you hear it, you fear it, you can hear the breathing of your comrades quicken. Your own too. Loud explosions waiting to destroy you and rip you to shreds.

You keep charging forward, footsteps getting louder every step; heavy.

Suddenly you hear a shout coming from the left side, “Miller! Watch out!”, the footsteps stop, you hear a slight breeze of air in this noisy battlefield and before you could hear the sound of yourself hitting the ground, you hear a large explosion, not a complete one.

It missed you, but it didn’t completely miss you either.

A piercing high frequency sound rings in your ears, everything feels muffled, you can’t make out what your comrades are saying, “Mil-r, M-ll-r, g-t up sol-d-er!”. Ringing, more ringing, it won’t go away, everything is muffled.

Suddenly a bullet whizzes by, missing but hitting the sand, followed by another, and suddenly the whizzing which was muffled suddenly regained it’s volume.

You quickly got up and started running again.

The point, that’s the only objective, stay alive and capture it, that’s it, that’s all there is to it.

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