041 s

“…Shut up!”


040 s

“Stop babbling by yourself!”


“Besides, why didn’t you tell me about this sooner?”

039 s

“You felt lonely, didn’t you? You felt pain, didn’t you?”

038 s

“If so, you should’ve told me!”

037 s

“There’s no way I could tell you! If I had told you, you’d have pitied me.”

036 s

“I wanted to be cherished, no pitied!”

035 s

“In that case, your home will be by my side!”

034 s


033 s~032 s

“In that case, your family and your life by yourself will become your past. It’ll be okay then, right?”

031 s

“Even if I have a home, I’ll be afraid of losing it!”

030 s

“You won’t!”

“How can you be so sure!?”

029 s

“Trust me.”

“I want to. I want to trust you.”

028 s

“Is there something you’re not satisfied about?”

027 s~026 s

“Because I’m horrible! You’ll definitely hate me one day.”

025 s~024 s

“That’s not true!”

“I knew how you and Kei-chan felt!”

“I thought I couldn’t win against Kei-chan.”

023 s~022 s

“But I wanted to stay by your side so desperately that I held onto you.”

“And I knew you were suffering!”

021 s~020 s

“I’m the worst. I only think about myself!”

019 s~017 s

“Let me think about my problems. You’re just fine as you are.”

“That’s more like you.”


016 s

“I’ve found the answer to my probelm.”

“The rest is up to you!”

015 s

“Can I really trust you?”

014 s


013 s

“I don’t want to disappear anymore.”

“I’m right here, so I don’t want to be ignored!”

012 s

“I’m always looking at you. How could you disappear?!”

011 s

“I want to stay!”

010 s~009 s

“I want my cooking to be eaten while it’s still warm!”

008 s

“I want to be with you!”

007 s

“I want someone to praise me!”

“I’ll say you’re amazing if you do well in school!”

006 s

“I’ll scold you if you do something bad!”

005 s

“And of course, I’ll eat your cooking!”

004 s

“No matter how disgraceful it is, I want to cling to you!”

003 s

“You can just do what you want to do! I’ll accept it all!”

002 s

“Hirono-kun, I…”

001 s

“Listen carefully! I…”

000 s

beep.. beep.. beeeeeep…

p.s. one of my favourite anime scenes of all time.


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