Let’s do a quick proper post about what’s been going on shall we?

I’ll do a proper um.. semester sum-up when I’m done with my exams! It’s been a long semester (not literally) and I’ve gained alot of new things from it too :), something that’s worth sharing in my eyes anyway!

Alright so, this week so far..

Sunday – Vball and discussing how Wing does a mystery University Degree which no one knows about.

Monday – I decided on Sunday I’ll do a “trial drive” to Uni in the morning because I had a morning exam the next day and I just didn’t really want to depend on public transport + friends (since mum is overseas, there’s no easy way to reach public transport in the first place!). Good choice I reckon; woke up today (Wednesday) reading some facebook statuses – seems like some people got screwed over by buses getting into accidents.

Anyway! So I thought, 8:45am exam, I’ll leave around 7am~7:15am. I went to sleep on Sunday at like 3am because I was doing some past papers.

I woke up at like 7am.. took my sweet time and left at 7:30am (FAIL in the making?).

The morning traffic and my spinning head was a terrible comination! I ended up at Uni around 9am, parked around 9:15am, so really, if I didn’t do this trial drive I would’ve ended up like 30mins+ late for my 2hour exam!!

Tuesday – So today was Wing’s birthday and my exam date! (Happy Birthday again Wing, I hope you find out what you want to do in the future πŸ˜› haha jk). Due to yesterday’s failure, I decided to get up earlier, I also passed out (napped) yesterday because I had so little sleep. I went home, collapsed and napped for about 3 hours. I went to bed after finalising my study at around 11:30pm~12am. I managed to get up at 6am no problems; except it was so dark!

I drove out at like 6:30am.. like no cars in sight, so empty compared to the 7:30am peak traffic. I managed to get to Uni at like 7:30am.. decided to go to Maccas to get some breakfast..

Turns out I wasn’t the only one that went early either =P, bumped into a few Uni friends. Really calmed the nerves before the exam.

Oh, the exam itself went alright!

Wednesday – Today.. I woke up late-ish; due to last night finishing Gears of War 2, which I’ll just quickly add, is freakin’ awesome! I want more! See it’s like a game that has replay value (probably do a run-through on co-op or something).

Anyway then I had lunch + watched American History X which turned out to be quite a nice and powerful film.

I should be study, I’ve done some notes.. But I need to work faster I guess..

So I’ll end it here πŸ™‚

Hope everyone has been well!

For those who have finished, have a great holiday, for those who haven’t, goodluck!


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