Let me naïvely wait.

So with a explosion of reflection recently, just sharing some stories of the past.

I come to wonder if what Chumpy said is true..

..”You came out on top; you won.”..

At the time, how could I believe that? I had my world taken away from me, my heart ripped and my life shattered.

I was alone.

But I chose to be alone.

Now, after 1 year, I look back, I look forward and I see now.

Am I happy now? Yeah, relatively at least.

But it shows one thing is clear – I don’t need her, perhaps I never did, but atleast I never will anymore.

So once again, thanks to all the friends who put up with me during the 1 year.

Let me naively wait for something great, something special and something beautiful.

I will keep waiting, patiently..

And thanks for..

.. makin’ my life as freakin’ awesome as it is now.



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