You really boned it up.

You know what? I have a few things to say to you so shut the fuck up and listen carefully OK?


Firstly, excuse me but, fuck you. Like seriously, just fuck you.

Yeah, it’s not anger anymore, it’s not sadness, it’s not pain, it’s just simply.. fuck you, that’s it.

Because you know what? I don’t want to sound arrogant (why does it even matter?), but I reckon you’ve made the biggest mistake of your life. But on the other hand, you’ve saved me from the biggest mistake of my life – yeah, you heard it here first bitch.

About a year, yeah nah, maybe more, just let me collect all my emotions and feelings, bundle up all the anger and anguish and just throw it away. Now I simply just want to tell you to go fuck yourself. Just because maybe deep inside I’ve always wanted to.

All my friends are, why am I the only one not showing anything? Why should they be angrier than me right?

…put yourself in my shoes…

How FUCKING ORIGINAL seriously, I find it ironic the amount of times you’ve said that to him it probably matches up to the number of times I’ve said it to you!

Oh what else was there..?

…am I just a toy to you? Just throwing me around..

Seriously, if you’re going to try express yourself to him, don’t use the fucking shit I said to you and pass it on as your own or something alright? It’s great that you’re taking in information and APPLYING it in different situations, but atleast try to DO IT YOURSELF first.

On one hand, I really do wish for you two to just fail, like fail hard, and let the whole world know about how dickish you two are. HAH, what a way to start a relationship, geez, I mean to think I fought so hard for a slut. Waste of my time man. At least I’ll be more careful now.

However, on the other hand, I hope you two stay together, for-friggin-ever, just because of the fact that if you two let loose into the fucking world, you’re going to fuck up other people’s lives. For what? Personal gain. Just greedy.. personal fucking gain.

You happy? Yeah you probably are.

Wait till he shatters your heart, like you crushed mine. Just wait, you wait. He’s an idiot for taking in someone like you – doesn’t it ever occur to you? Doesn’t it ever occur to HIM? Why is he so confident the shit you did to me, won’t happen to him? It’s not “blinded” by love honey, he’s just thinking with his dick. Wake up, just fucking wake up OK?

I saved this over a year for you, feel special, and no, fuck off, you’re not on my mind anymore.

And you won’t really get anything more out of me, but a nod, yeah, a nod, not even a wave, just a nod. Because I really, really just don’t give a shit anymore.

Have the friggin’ decency to let your family and friends know of what really happened OK? It really sucked ass to see that your OWN sister didn’t even know what was going on, neither did your friends – also having your BEST FRIEND tell me she’s sick of people asking HER. Do something, take some fucking responsibility; for crying out loud, you’re turning 20, TWENTY!

Oh, I hope that when you read this, your heart will skip a beat, I really do, because you know you have nothing on me, you can’t say SHIT to me because you two FUCKED everything up for me. 🙂

Good fuckin’ luck.

P.S. Please return my books.


5 thoughts on “You really boned it up.

  1. You’re a legend. This is everything I’ve wanted you to say about Shirley. Everything about her is a lie. The only truth is that she’s not worth anyone’s time.

    You’ve set an example for me by writing this post. I’ve withheld all I’ve felt about her because I wanted to protect her (to some extent) and your feelings if you had any left for that prawn. What gets me most is that she WAS my friend too. And she didn’t have the common decency to discuss what had happened with me or any of us. She forgot about all of us, all so she could satisfy her own needs (really spastic needs at that). I hope they stay together too, cowards deserve each other. Cowardly prawns. Man I hate prawns.

    I’m glad you’re looking on the bright side now. I mean, you don’t have to deal with someone that’s clearly infected with betrayal and deceit. And she’s with a visual disaster, I mean…look at him…LOL. Nik says he should get arrested, his sight is an OFFENSE. NIK IS OFFENDED.

    Love you Ben. There is nothing she can do to undo the damage so you are right to forget her. And others should follow suit. The most important thing you’ve gotten out of this ordeal is that you were able to sift the good from the downright bad. (as I was able to not long ago) You have people that have your back, she clearly doesn’t. She doesn’t have a backbone.

    You win.

    • sukari89 says:

      Haha it wasn’t so much that – I feel the love always..

      .. I just felt it was time to let loose what I wanted to say for a whole year or so.. “hell, it’s about time.”

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