[Review] Shakugan no Shana [I & II]

Alright, since I’m going stop studying because I’m like fully O-V-E-R it..

Let’s write a review on my recently finished animes.. sorta!

Firstly let’s see.. Shakugan no Shana revolves around a guy.. Sakai Yuji, and a mysterious “Flame Haze” called Shana.



So really, one day Yuji finds out he’s like a “torch” means he has a limited time to live because he’s actually not “alive” anymore, but of course, if he wasn’t alive they can’t animate two seasons of anime about it right!? So straight off, there’s something special about him, ooo special ;].

So really, it revolves around Yuji and Shana fighting monsters who like to feed of people’s “Power of Existence” [er.. life lol], so Shana as a Flame Haze has to stop them! Yeah!

And Yuji gets involved (he should buy the lottery, what are the chances man).

Anyway kind of feels like a kiddy version of Bleach =P, which makes sense since that’s like the target audience.

Erm.. Look, if I was to break it down really fast..

Why did I watch it? Ok, really, because Rie Kugimiya was the main seiyuu (voice actress) for it. Yeah, I’m kind of a fan in that sense.

My thoughts well.. the series tended to drag a bit and spend time on trivial things, and it sucks that there wasn’t much focus on romance (yeah yeah, bias because I prefer shojo :P), but they got so close, it’s like OK, tease us a bit, but don’t drag it like that! Anyway, it’s not really what you’re looking for in this anime I guess.

Art was alright, not something I’d like to make my wallpaper though =P, animation was well done! Well it had to I guess, with heavy emphasis on FIRE; so animation was top-notch.

And I probably should’ve listened to Hao when he told me not to “.. bother with the second season.” (Ye H., 2009) <- [sorry couldn’t help myself].

But it was true though, it felt like a waste of time, which probably explained why my brother who watched the first season almost in 1 day, slowly crept to episode 22 of the second season and stopped without bothering to finishing it lol.

I don’t know about the manga – but it could be a better choice ;].

I won’t say it was bad, because it wasn’t – I’ve seen/rage-quitted worse. I got to the end of this with no problems! The first season was definitely better, so if you are to watch it, perhaps just stop there :).

Upcoming review(s): Eden of the East and K-ON!


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