[Review] Eden of the East

You know, the beginning of this season I was kind of excited to see what animes will be airing after being fully blown away by the last season by anime such as Toradora! (Rieeeeeeeeeee), Clannad (first and second), Skip Beat!, and even Kurogane no Linebarrels (yeah one was enough for Shounen lol, too much testosterone for me).. so I kind of had some excitingly high expectations for this new season 😛

..however, honestly, I’d have to say I was kind of disappointed.. (it’s better now, but..)

At the start of the season, the animes were alot of fantasy stuff, well I guess it’s bias for me to say disappointed, but it’s just not the stuff I’m into. Like I’m pretty sure some of the anime like Asura Cryin’ and Basquash! are probably great in their genres and stuff. But just anime I didn’t want to touch.

So I settled at first, for two animes: K-ON! and Eden of the East. And I was quite satisfied with those two; I was planning to use this season as some “catchup” time for some old anime I haven’t watched – and I did! But not as much as I thought I would’ve..

OK, enough about that, let’s get started.

Akira and Saki

Akira and Saki

Alright so.. supposedly 1 year from now (2010), Japan was hit by ten missile strikes. However, no one was hurt, three months from then on, Saki Morimi went on a holiday to visit Washinton DC, where she meets a mysterious guy going by the name Akira Takizawa who we later find out, possesses a phone which has 8.2billion Yen in digital cash. However Akira does not seem to possess any of his memories..

..OK so really, the story revolves around the events that happened, and mainly on Akira – how/why he lost his memories etc etc.. And it’s done well.

I won’t say much on the plot because I think if I try, it’ll end up spoiling it for you guys one way or another.. but really, it’s a whole mysetery thing and it does take awhile to understand at times I think. For only 11 episodes I think they did it pretty well, without leaving me too confused at the end lol.

But I have to comment on the art man – no matter how stupid or silly this sounds, I really watched this anime for the art. Why?

Heard of Honey and Clover (doesn’t Akira look like Morita!?), and Nodame Cantabile? I loved both of these animes and the art staff for these two also seem to be responsible for this anime too! There’s something about the character design and art that I just love haha.

Look really, if you’re looking for a good short anime, Eden of the East is definitely worth looking at.

The only beef I have with it is that the ending was inconclusive.. but I guess that’s why they’re going to release two movies as sequels or something.. ahhh! Now I have to wait..


Next – K-ON! 😛

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