Let Me Say.

I took some time recently to think about this properly because it’s been bugging the shit out of me.

I’m sure you know it without me having to point it out.

But hey look.. I’m going to just let it go, it’s not that I can’t do this anymore or that I don’t want to do this anymore.. It’s just, I realised how selfish it would be. Of course, my intentions were never bad, they were good. And I saw good things too.

But it’s best I let it go, at least for now anyway.

What’s more important to me is your recovery. Other than that, I believe I’m one of the many that would just want to see you happy again.

Look, as stupid as it sounds, I think a part of me inside believed that I could help you up again and just help you smile and laugh. But it’s not that I don’t know it, I’ve been through it too – you need to get up yourself.. I was just scared you were going to do something silly.

I had other plans, but they’re gone now, if they come back in the future, well so be it. For now, I’m just cheering for you, as always.

I hope you remember that much – no matter when or where, I’ve always been behind you supporting you, everytime.

I hope.. you can just remember that.

For everything else I’ve caused and damaged. I’m deeply sorry. I hope it won’t leave a bitter taste on the close friendship we have.

So.. fight hard, and I’m wishing you the best, I have confidence you’ll reach your goal, so keep fighting, don’t look back.. you beautiful fighter.



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