[Review] Shikabane Hime (Aka/Kuro)

Alright so I just finished Shikabane Hime: Aka & Kuro

Makina the Shikabane Hime

Makina the Shikabane Hime

So Shikabane Hime roughly translates to “Corpse Princess” – the story revolves around the idea that when a person dies and has an “attachment” or “regret” they’ll come back to life, e.g. if you really loved someone/something, then you’ll come back because you’re “attached” something of the living world still. However the person would come back as a Shikabane – a “corpse” which really just goes around mindlessly killing people.

Certain corpses are turned into a Shikabane Hime whose duty is to be contracted with a priest and defeat 108 corpses in order to ascend to heaven. So Makina is a Shikabane Hime and the story pretty much follows her and the other main character Oori Kagami.

For me, it’s not the usual type of anime I’d watch – it’s a very bloody, violent and boarderlining nudity anime. However, I’ve seen Elfen Lied so “meh”. It wasn’t like senseless violence/gore though. It was actually quite well done.

The music I would like to add, although not very broad, was very well used like School Days and I love anime which has good music :).

Alright in quick, I’m going to say this. After getting pass the first say.. 2~3 episodes of Aka (season 1) then the anime should hook you into it, if you’re still interested. Yes, it started a bit slow (for me anyway), that’s why it took me forever to watch it, because I couldn’t get pass episode 3 lol. However! It becomes one of those animes that make you go “omg, what happens next” at the end of each episode.

But, BUT, I have to really shake my head at Kuro, don’t get me wrong, the season was great, Aka was better, but Kuro did a good job following up. It’s just.. the ending was so.. shit. It felt like the producers got to the second last episode and went “Oh shit, we’re out of time – quick fix ending!” As a result, I heard another ending is being released this year in August 2009 (hmm.. FMA + Evangelion much?).

Anyway, it’s kind of a dark anime, but I enjoyed it nonetheless, not usually my cup of tea, but it was still GOOD. So that should stand for something :).

Pow pow!


3 thoughts on “[Review] Shikabane Hime (Aka/Kuro)

  1. Yi says:

    Good review.
    I also couldn’t really get started at the beginning of Aka. I haven’t finished Kuro yet, but it seems like it’s worse…

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