[Review] Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

Finished this last night – first season.

English name: So Long, Mr. Despair.

Season 1

Season 1

So a quick throw-down of thoughts :).

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is one of those animes that really don’t have much point, but are funny and make fun of everyday social issues as well as parodying other animes/games (it has over 123 Trivia! and I’m sure more than 100+ of those relate to parodies :P). Anyway, it focuses around a teacher Itoshiki Nozomu who is the world’s most negative person, and often thinks of suicide. When written horizontally and closely, his name spells out “Despair”. One day as he is about to kill himself, a girl Fuura Kafuka bumps into him and stops him. Ironically, she happens to be the world’s most positive person. Soon Itoshiki realises he is the teacher of her class..

So really, the anime just focuses around the main characters – each main character has like a characteristic of a common japanese social stereotype.

There’s not much to say about the anime really – the reason I watched it was because hunting for anime for this season, I came across the third season of this anime. The website which I get my anime from put in fancy rainbow coloured text saying that it’s a FABULOUS series and that everyone has to watch it. In order to fully appreciate the 3rd season, I decided I will watch the first and second.

I believed I made the right choice.

It’s a good, funny, and solid anime. Although the humour can be quite dark, it touches on certain issues in quite a light way in our everyday life. It’s always funny to see things from different lights! Extremely positive and extremely negative. But the other characters also made the anime very funny.

If you’re looking for something funny and somewhat light, this is definitely a must-see.

But in order to not be capped yet, I have to reframe from watching the 2nd season..

Also, if you watch alot of anime, then you’ll find alot of the parody references good funny too!!

“Despair!! I’m in despair!! The fact I cannot watch the 2nd season has left me in despair!!”


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