So today on the way to work, I was listening to 2DayFm and this segment which was called Kyle and Jackie-O’s Intervention was playing.

It was quite interesting and it made me think…

Hold It!!

Hold It!!

For the full segment: Click Here

So in brief: Kelly is worried about her sister-in-law Jane – and so is Jane’s daughter Taylor (the names were changed just FYI) because they believed Jane had an alcohol problem.

So really, Kelly brought Jane on the show by telling her that she won a prize (otherwise they cannot get through to her, i.e. she doesn’t listen).  So you can imagine, if you were put on the spot like Jane you’d be pretty bombarded and annoyed. But it really shocked me to hear that, even though after her daughter, Taylor expressed her worries to her mum, the mum, Jane, still brushed them both off, being annoyed at both of them.

See, what this is, is a classic example of trying to help out of pure care but instead, the helper gets called a bitch for always trying to interfere..

But that’s the thing, it happens alot, and that’s why people are scared to approach a loved one to try help them because they’re worried it’ll create friction between people.. And most of the time it does. The person in need will lose out, will definitely get blasted by the person in need. But you know, the helper(s) cannot do anything but take all that, because it was their decision to try step forward and help, no matter how good their intentions were..

It’s sad, really.. but for all you kind hearted people out there, don’t lose faith!

Good things will happen to good people.




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