[Review] Katsu!

Holy crap, I just did a speed run-read of a 157 chapter (average 19 pages/chapter) in half a day, ahhh..

I’ll write about it later, maybe..

OK, I’ve never written a review for a manga before, but there’s always a first right?



Alright, so as shown in the picture, this manga is by Mitsuru Adachi who has done similar works like the well-received manga: Touch and is currently working on an anime/manga I’m watching – Cross Game.

So there’s a few things you’ll note about Mr. Adachi’s works – most of the main characters look the same across different manga/anime and also they aren’t very detailed.

OK, with that aside, let me first tell you guys the reasons why I decided to pick up this 157 chapter manga and finish it as fast as possible (and saving every single page lol – if you’re wondering, it’s 231mb unZipped):

  • It’s a romantic comedy + sport (and the sport happens to be boxing, which I’ve recently taken an interest into, thanks to Hajime no Ippo), but the problem is, unlike that anime which is slow (and so is the manga, which has like over 800+ chapters), this one I KNOW I can finish.
  • It’s by Adachi! I’m loving Cross Game so far, there’s something about his works. To further add onto that note – it’s almost like seeing the same characters in an alternate universe if you will =P.

So here we go, just quickly, Katsu! is about a highschool boy, Satoyama Katsuki who decides to take up boxing because he has a crush on the gym owner’s daughter – Mizutani Katsuki (same name, spelt differently). Mizutani is almost like a tomboy who seems to be very skilled in boxing and seems to love the sport. However, Satoyama finds out that Mizutani’s father was once a pro-boxer, but also finds out that Mizutani “hates” boxing and will “never marry a boxer”. Satoyama also slowly finds out more about his origins.. his boxing origins.

Alright without having to give too much away.

First can I just say, Satoyama looks exactly the same as Kou in Cross Game, and Mizutani looks exactly like an older version of Wakaba, who we never will get to see together in Cross Game (watch episode 1) – so it was lovely to be able to see these two mains together.


I guess I can really only break it down to writing and art?

Art – so as mentioned, the character work isn’t the best, it’s no where near it infact. However, it’s consistent and it serves the boxing scenes very well. However, although the character designs aren’t great, the environment is. Buildings.. trees.. stadiums.. rings.. schools etc, all very detailed. This seems to be Adachi’s style, it may take some time to get use to, but it’s actually not bad and doesn’t hurt the quality of the manga – afterall you’re reading a Adachi manga, what else do you expect?

Also note that despite the lack of detail placed into character design, Adachi is able to draw out those simple facial expressions and actions to accompany his comical lines and despite how simple they are, it works really well.

Writing – Adachi has a way with words, he really does. It’s seen through Cross Game and I’ve also noticed it through Katsu! he makes the manga easy to read and easy to follow. Nothing too complicated, nothing too mind boggling. He has a funny, yet unique humour, I’m not quite sure how to label it, but it’s always a pleasure to read and snicker about it.

Look overall, I reckon if you want to start a manga that you know you can finish which has it’s main focus on sport (boxing in this case) and also some focus on romance with the touch of comedy, you should read it. I’m not a big manga reader (currently: Bleach/Naruto), but Adachi’s works.. I’m slowly developing an interest in, knowing how old Touch! is (anime too), I might actually read the manga now ;].

I just love romance in stories which aren’t primarily focusing on it.


One thought on “[Review] Katsu!

  1. Ey, I did run-read for Katsu! too :p and I did that twice! I really love this manga, and I think the style of drawing is cool, for me, including the expression. When the character was speaking, sometimes Mitsuru didn’t draw the mouth to open like talking. But somehow I imagine that in my head, depicting it to be epic.

    I also wrote a review, visit mine in your spare time. Although it is in Indonesian, yeah. And google translate won’t fix much things *sigh*

    It is on amknana.blogspot.com, by the way :p

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