[Review] Miyuki

Before I go to lunch, I’ll quickly write this up:

Miyuki is another manga by my recently favourited manga artist – Mitsuru Adachi.

But unlike his other works like Katsu! (review here) and Cross Game this manga was actually created before these two, furthermore it was also a non-sport manga!

While most of Adachi’s works tend to be Shounen, Miyuki makes an exception and is actually Shojo, but addition to that, is my favourite genre combination – Romance + Comedy.

Miyuki ~ 1980 - 1984

Miyuki ~ 1980 - 1984

So some quick background – the time is the 1980’s and highschooler Wakamatsu Masato is reunited with his non-blood related sister, Miyuki (i.e. his dad remarried and his new wife already had a daughter) after 6 years of separation. Due to their dad’s business which requires constant travelling, Masato has always been living by himself (or with a maid), but is now living with his sister, Miyuki.

Masato also later befriends a girl from school, Miyuki Kashima, who later becomes his girlfriend. During this time, Masato is also fighting the feelings his sister has for him.

So just from the backgrounding of the story, you can tell already, drama, lots of drama. But not like stupid drama. Adachi, even though he tends to write stories with close to impossible factors in real life (e.g. such as having the exact same birthdays, names, etc) always has some way of making his stories interesting and engaging.

So the setting is around the 1980’s and the art/style/fashion etc stays very true to that. Once again, like many of Adachi’s works, his environment art is top notch.

The writing is very good too (some probably lost in translation due to Japanese jokes/puns etc). But it’s always a dilemma for me to read Miyuki because once I start, I have to finish the volume (10 chapters), and sometimes even more than that..

So that’s why it’s taken me awhile to finish.

Despite this not being a sport manga like Adachi’s usual works – it was still very well done, and I enjoyed it alot.

After this manga, I’ve wanted to see more of his works, there’s always something captivating about his style.

So if you feel like something easy, short and warm, Miyuki should definitely be up for consideration.

As a result of reading Miyuki, last night I started to read another one of his mangas, H2 and it’s looking promising!

MoeMoe Hado~kyun!


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