Installing Oracle 10g Developer’s Suite in Vista

Alright, I’ve recently had to install this on my machine which is running Windows Vista and I ran into a few problems.

After helping a friend with it, I realised the process can take some time, so I thought it might best that I write up a quick tutorial on how to do it..

Firstly, I’m going to assume you have the CDs (there’s 2 of them), the .ISOs should be obtainable from the Oracle website – download them and burn to CDs if you need to.

Otherwise mount them with a program such as Daemon Tools.

Alright first off, let me just say, the easiest solution to fix this problem is to get Oracle 11g. OK, so you’re probably wondering why I didn’t just do that in the first place, or suggest it. Well that’s because the Uni course I’m taking at the moment is running Oracle 10g, and it’s probably best to use the same version.

Alright before you even start, you’re going to need to setup the Paging Size of your C (system) drive.

To do this, press the Start button and then right click Computer and press Properties.

Now in the tabs on the top, press Advanced and then under the Performance section, press the Settings button.

Then in the tabs again, you’d want to press the Advanced tab and then in the last section, press Change.

Given you didn’t do anything funky to your machine before, the current option should be selected on Automatic or something.. what you want to do is press select Custom Size and set the Initial size to 1700 to be safe, then for Maximum size you can set it to whatever you want – double of 1700 if you wish, as long as it’s larger than the Initial size.


Now press OK a few times, and it’ll ask you to restart – although you don’t need to, I would suggest you do.

Alright now after it’s restart or whatever, mount/insert the first CD, and then before you auto-run the install.. go to the contents of the CD, and on the setup.exe (the black icon one), you’d want to:

Right click and go to Properties and at the top, select the Compabilities tab and tick the “Run this program..” and select Windows XP Service Pack 2 (or 3, whichever as long as it’s a Windows XP!).

Then also tick “Run this program as Administrator” if you can.

Now you can install the program.

Just run that setup file and follow the instructions.

Look – if you do my course, you’ll need to install the COMPLETE install; well unless you want to install it twice.

Hope that wasn’t too confusing! I’m at work now so I can’t include screenshots..

Maybe later!


P.s. I just did a quick search on the web – if the above doesn’t work for you, go here:


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