Yorosuku Onegaishimasu..!

Although I wanted to share this last Friday when it actually happened, I didn’t quite find the time to do so.. Before I dive into it, I have to say that the weekend was great – once again, many props to Angela who made it possible, and of course, everyone who came.

More to come on that later.. as for now..

My Friday morning dream was perhaps one of the most interesting dream in a long time.

For some reason I needed to find an auto-shop for my car, not sure why.. but I needed to.

I don’t even know if it was Sydney anymore, either way, I was driving around.

About to give up, I finally found one – however, when I parked and got out of my car, the sign on the door explained to me that they have moved, heh, what are the chances?

Despite that, I walked in and had a quick look – it was a unique shop, it sold interesting things.. Though I can’t remember what exactly.

I browsed for a bit, more curious than interested.

After awhile, a girl (whom I assumed to be the store clerk) talked to me. I don’t remember much of what was said, or the words exchanged or what happened at the shop. But one thing was clear.. despite how silly it sounds, we really hit it off.

It was a fun afternoon of chatter and laughter.

The dream ended as we were getting lunch.

Originally I thought about posting this differently, more like a story or whatever.. but I realised because of all the details I forgotten that wouldn’t really be possible or entertaining.

So perhaps you’d wonder, why post about it then?

Well honestly, two reasons..

1. I wanted to post about something.

2. Despite how cliche or silly these types of dreams are, they are still sweet, warm, and somewhat fuzzy.

So to that mystery girl, although you were only in my dreams, if you were ever to appear in real life.

At least let me be able to say to you: Yorosuku Onegaishimasu!

MoeMoe Hado~kyun!

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