Meet Katsura Kotonoha.

After giving Ben a bunch of anime, he also wanted School Days after being intrigued by Yihong and I. Before I copied the anime, I always double check a few random episodes to make sure they’re OK.

This time was no exception, I clicked through some School Days episodes. It reminded me of a lot of things actually about this anime.

In fact, I’m quite surprised I never really posted any reviews about it – oh wait, I think on my old blog.. Nevermind.

So I feel like rambling: Meet Katsura Kotonoha~

Katsura Kotonoha - always have trouble spelling this.

Katsura Kotonoha - always have trouble spelling this.

Erm.. so why did I want to talk about her? Well she’s no where near my favourite anime characther(s). However, sometimes the feelings (sensibly) she had, the things she went through, I found myself being able to relate.

Perhaps her actions were just a visual representation of my emotions at the time when I watched this.

Let’s see.. Kotonoha is pretty much your class star, good grades, good mannerisms, subject to bullying etc etc..

After she started to date Makoto Itou, she began to develop strong feelings for him, and it got to a point where she was willing to do anything for him.

In a way it’s like a fast track of any serious relationship – after awhile being together with someone you would be willing to do almost anything for them, wouldn’t you? Well I know I did.

She also introduced to me a new term in the otaku world; yandere.

But it’s sad, imagine, if they were a real person (and please, these things do happen in real life, perhaps not as “yeah”, but they DO happen), so just imagine, if they were real – someone with a potential future ahead of her, and because of all this drama.. well.. wasted.

I don’t really know how people feel when they watch School Days, I know a lot of them just feel anger and hate towards Makoto, however, has anyone else ever stepped past that and felt sorry for Kotonoha?

Let’s face it, the one who was really suffering was Kotonoha, yes, maybe it was her fault that she didn’t give up, being given the circumstances she was put through, I don’t believe it would be easy for anyone.

It’s sad, and as a general note for any relationship, loyalty is still key, even if you cannot be loyal, at least be honest, and if you’re so bad you cannot do that..

.. at least be straight forward and let them know.

It’s a pity for Kotonoha, however, it was probably all over when she fell in love with Makoto.

Once again, not my favourite character, probably no where near, but I think she deserves some special mention.

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