Breaking the Routine.

So as promised, here’s my post.

Firstly – some of you may have realised my absence lately; online that is.

Long story short – I pulled the power out of my modem, because of the new (and last) plan I upgraded my Bigpond Cable to.. Rather than getting capped, I get overcharged.

And well.. hah.

So anyway, let’s see.. I haven’t blogged about my life and what’s been going on for awhile now. But, in all fairness, not much has been happening to allow me to do so.

I was sitting in the bus (gasp, public transport – yeah, 3 weeks and I still don’t have my car back, grr..) this morning, trying to think about what to write for this entry.. ended up half dozing off.

Same for the train ride.

And really, I’m not too sure.. but let’s see – although it’s only November, I wish to note how different 2009 has been for me, and I’m sure, for a lot of my friends too!

2009. Breaking the Routine, but I guess I can’t really say I’ve broken any routine. Being in a relationship was like a routine sometimes, but it’s one of those routines you enjoy.

I’ve been broken from that one. However now I’m stuck in the working routine. Finding myself, sitting here without much to do, staring at my screen. Yet somehow, I just don’t mind half the time.

Maybe things have become stale for me.. which saddens me sometimes because I’m scared of being more and more apathetic.

I wonder if I’m giving off the wrong impression?

Mum said to me this morning, What’s bothering you?”

Surprised, and a little taken back, I honestly replied “Not much.” As unconvincing as it sounded, this was the truth. Despite seeming to look down or just not interested in anything.. I was honestly, doing OK.

But doesn’t a mum always know best? I wonder though.. I do.

I’ve met some wonderful people this year, I’ve also seen some hidden sides of people I know.

I’ve felt feelings that I thought were gone again, I’ve also developed feelings I condemned so deeply..

2009.. things just don’t seem to last that long.

At home, I’ve been occupying myself with University work, gaming, chatting, and anime/manga. But now that the semester has ended (well almost – exam), I still got to work, which kind of sucks because I’ll be missing out on a lot of friendly outings :P.

If I was to be really honest, she still occupies my thoughts sometimes, brief as they may be, it still comes and goes. I don’t know how long this will go on for. But then again, it’s not like it bothers me anymore.

At least my sleeps have been left more or less intrusion-free from her evil presence.

So she quoted: Love is a battle, Love is a war.

As we know it, wars have a winner and a loser, (or if you want to be all philosophical – War does not determine who is right, but who is left) however, if you cheat, what does that make you, a winner? A loser?

So anyway.. counting down the days for my last semester as a 3rd year.

05/11/2009 at the damn Racecourse (!!).

Just one exam; a tough one too, I wonder if it’s been my lack of attention, my lack of energy, or the quality of teaching; but it’s been so hard to latch the concepts for this course.

Well.. worst comes to worst, I just need to pass right?

So hows everyone been?

Rather, who still reads this? LoL.

Good luck for all your exams, I hope 2009 will end great for all of you.

I’m hoping mine will too.

Bring on the new surprises, the routine-breaking events, anything out of the norm! That’s how you keep life interesting right? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Breaking the Routine.

  1. Jie says:

    Ah, the working routine. Yup, went through that for a while after my relationship failed big time too… the thing is you actually noticed you’re in a working routine- I didn’t ^^” Was basically a MAJOR workaholic until someone broke it free for me =) So~~ Don’t worry Ben, someone will be sure to help you break free of it sooner or later… and I’m praying it’ll be sooner rather than later =D All the best Ben! For your exams, your life, everything! And merry christmas~ (it’s christmas everyday if you want it to be afterall!)

    • sukari89 says:

      Haha, thanks – you almost sound like you’re saying goodbye!

      Well, I’m not too worried about it, I’ve just been feeling really melancholy lately, probably because I want to have fun, but feel guilty for doing so – exam :P.

      But yeah, work will be work, as long as I can distinguish work/play, I should be OK..

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