From One Man to Another.

(Names have been changed, some anyway..).

So let’s dig the past up a bit, since I’m bored at work.

Dear Kurt,

It is with great difficulty I am writing to you with these words.
But somewhere inside of me, I know I must do this.
I know the last week have been terrible for you; hellish.

But I want to let you know Kurt, that I do feel apologetic, and I am sorry about the pain you are going through. Although you will probably be angry at me, or never forgive me, I feel I still have to tell you these things.

Please understand that it is not easy for me to tell you these words – afterall you put me in a world a pain too, but seeing past that, I would like to set things straight…

Kurt, I want to let you know that I am sorry, I really am – I am sorry for all the pain you are going through.

But you know.. I also would like to thank you, thank you for having looked out for Penny.

I respect and appreciate what you two had was real, I really do.
In return I hope this time you can respect us and let us do our best. In the past I know you have tried to get close to Penny despite us being together, I do not blame you for that because it’s hard to control feelings as such.

But now that you know what it means to truly be with someone, I hope you can understand and respect that enough to not try to get close to her (or any couple in the future). Please be able to respect us this time; I’ve defended you so many times without you knowing KurtJake was one of them, so please.
Kurt, be strong – if, no, when you get through this phase Kurt, you will grow as a person, you really will.

I don’t expect you to see past me and the pain I’m causing you, but I want to at least let you know that I have seen past the pain you’ve caused me. It’s important to me because I respect that you’re important to Penny and I want you two to remain friends. But also because we’re both B.IT’s and that’s almost family Kurt, it really is.

I do not expect a reply.

I do not expect you to think too well of me.

But.. I hope these hard found words from my heart are able to calm your shaken up heart for a bit.

You’re not alone Kurt, think about it.

Once again, thank you and sorry.

See you around alright?

Best Regards,

PS – I have just heard from Penny of the decision you two came to; to be honest I’m happy and glad. I hope it’ll be a step for you to finding your peace again.
PSS – Despite what people tell me Kurt, I believe deep down you really are a good person.. 🙂


— The reply —


It hurts for me to see you write these words of apology.  It is I who should apologise.  You have every reason to blame me.  I have no reason to blame you.  I have finally come to realise what pain that I have caused you… and I am truly sorry.  What you have caused me is incomparable to what I have done…

I will step back and try and help you two work; I owe you two at least that much.

You are a good person; much much better than I.  I really do believe that.

Yeah I’ll see you around =)

I’m sorry,


— The conclusion —

LoL @ What happens 2 weeks after. FAIL.

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