[Review] Mao’s Last Dancer

Went to see this over the weekend with my family.

I’ll just throw some quick thoughts down about it, there’s a lot of backgrounding that you’d probably need to understand to fully appreciate the story.

But without trying to sound too stupid, I’ll give it a shot and just lay out why this movie is good and worth seeing.


Movie Poster - Li Cunxin

Well let’s see..

From my understanding, the movie’s beginning setting was around the Cultural Revolution. Government officials would scout schools to select students to attend the Beijing Dance Academy. For a lot of people, especially for those living in the country/mountain-sides, it became an opportunity to make a “good life for yourself”. Whether the child likes it or not, if you’re chosen, it was a good thing.

So the movie pretty much centres around Li Cunxin, who was selected from the Shangdong province. It follows his harsh training in China, all the way to his travels in America.

There’s not much else I can really write about what the movie is about without giving it away too much – although am I correct to assume most people would have read the book?

The movie gives a fairly nice insight on the cultural differences of China and America (or the rest of the world, to an extent). It gave a nice insight in terms of politics and political structures.

One thing that I’m sure (because I haven’t read it yet) the movie has over the book is the dance choreography, you ain’t going to see that in the book; it was done beautifully.

It’s a story which will give you an insight of cultural differences and ultimately make you appreciate some things in life which you may not have before.

It’s a pretty long movie however, but definitely worth watching.



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