Strawberry Mentos

Hmm chewing on some right now, quite nice.

Anyway, I guess I’ll try do a proper post(?) – since my faithful jie still reads my blog LOL.

Nice catchup btw.

Anyway let’s see.. I’m currently at work, I didn’t have anything to do yesterday (Monday), so I decided I’ll assign myself some work; so I’m working on a manual/guide for people to use when I finish my placement. Maybe I’ll end up leaving my mark here 😀 (spamming “By: Benjamin Wang” all over the place, rofl).

So anyway, let’s start with hm.. Saturday.

Saturday, woke up around 9:30am, despite sleeping super late(early) the previous day, since it was the weekend + exam period is over for me! So anyway, I was kind of craving ramen, and of course, if you’re in Sydney, you’d most likely go to Ryo’s Noodles for ramen, RIGHT?

So that was the plan, at least it was before I went to bed – would’ve been good to take the family friend who is living with us at the moment there too.

Anyway, mum was out in the morning having breakfast with family friends, she was going to go to Sculptures by the Sea 2009 later (also another reason why I wanted to go to ramen since we have to deal with lunch ourselves :P). But she decided to cancel because it looked like it was going to rain – good call.

So when she came home, I was like: “Ramen? Crows Nest?” and she totally slammed me down and rejected it =[.

That’s why we went to Towers to have yumcha and watch Mao’s Last Dancer.

Sunday – nothing much really, relaxed it of course, followed by an epic volleyball match at 8pm in which we won, HAH!

I should give a shoutout to everyone in the team (Hansiboys/Shamrock’d) because we placed from last place in the previous season to 4th this season! Good work everyone!

So that makes the semis next week, which I’m sure Hans will totally agree that we will win. Yep?

Monday – well you heard about that already, nothing to do at work = try to ninja-escape for home early. I was so tired on the drive back though, gah.. I need to watch out haha, my car JUST got out of repairs too.

Tuesday – today! Well.. I’m typing this now, er.. no real  plans for the rest of the day. Caught up with L =P, looking forward to the catchup, any ideas what we’ll be doing this time? When does R come back anyway..

Erm.. planning to finish the book that’s in my bag – Monkey Grip and hopefully finish The Kite Runner soon.

Oh HoN..

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