What a Deal, What a MEAL.

So.. I’ve posted this before on a forum and got some interesting responses, I thought I might share and put it out there to see what you peeps think!

Mmm.. Value Meals..

Mm Value Meals

OK well.. Surely you’ve had a value meal at a fast food joint before (or a diner? Maybe even just like burger and chips from a restaurant?!).

Anyway.. I thought I’d like to put the question out to everyone:

In what order to you normally eat your meal?

See, for me it’s like this:

  1. 2~3 fries (chips).
  2. burger.
  3. fries.
  4. drink is in between – but always finished last.

What about you? Anything else other than the order? Such as putting fries in your burger? or putting your burger in the fries, or the burger in the.. drink!?



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