[Review] 2012

Group of friends and I went to see this movie tonight @ 9:10pm (sorry guys again!).

Long awaited event, mainly because a lot of us were probably bored of doing little to nothing lately 😛

2012 Poster

So.. let’s throw some thoughts 🙂

I first heard about this whole 2012 talk back around mid last year I think – from a youtube video that I am having a hard time finding now thanks to the video.. but it was the one where a group of people were at a church mass on the 21st of Dec, 2012, and suddenly the room shook, and a bunch of them disappeared. It was a Christian take of the 2012 – i.e. the second coming of Jesus.

Anyway.. can I just first point out I’m not taking any religious belief on this 2012 thing, in fact – I’m actually quite happy to believe that we’ll get through the 21st of December 2012 just fine :), however I might use it as an excuse to party more.

So.. in a way, for me this movie was fairly well anticipated because I was interested to see how the director would represent this issue. I was to surprised to see that it was not as controversial as I thought it would be.

In short, the movie was like any disaster films, such as Armageddon, Deep Impact, The Core, etc.. the type of genre which throws and mashes a bit of everything. Honour, Humanity, Sacrifices, Romance, and even the odd Humour now and there.

It was a long film, about 2 hours 31 minutes to be exact. However, unlike Transformers 2, I sat through the whole thing just fine, without getting bored the slightest bit.

Storyline was pretty well done, I found it convincing – like, it’s “quite” possible things could happen this way or whatever. I felt the story was setup well, although the ending is cliche, at least the foundations were setup well. It’s like this – you know how the movie will end, well you can guess it – but do you know how they’re going to get there? Probably not, so enjoy the ride.

Audio and Visuals were great, they had great action scenes which kept a lot of the audience on the edge of their seats, sometimes even gave you “goosebumps” (movie reference!!). But just makes me think.. media technology has come such a long way..

The reason I’ve also wanted to watch this is because I hear mixed reviews about the movie being bad/good. But it’s never “alright”, it’s either on or the other.

For me.. I’m going to have to say the movie was good, even great, so I’m siding with those people – and you should too; we have cookies.

Go see it, I’m sure it’ll be well worth your time!

P.S. 2012 stuff is always an interesting read 🙂

P.S.S. so come 21st of December 2012, IF the world was going up in shits, what would YOU want to do?


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