Spam for Stats.

So a few hours ago, group of friends and I just got back from watching Avatar (3D) – good movie, don’t think I need to review it, just go see it. Heck, good enough that even Angela was willing to see it in 3D!

I have this habit of archiving all my “event” e-mails when the event has passed (yes we use e-mails and not Facebook events as much), so for awhile now I wondered, how many e-mails does my “Events” folder have? What types of Events? How far do they date back? Etc.. etc..

So.. being the person I am.. I did some crunching with trusty (LOL) Excel 2007.

I wanted to do more graphs, but I realised how EXTREME that would be and how much time that would take (I was about to play Dragon Age).

(FACEBOOK READERS: View original post, since some people can’t seem to read the charts on Facebook hmm..)

So let’s get started.

Initial Figures: (Note, this is my hotmail account).

The Events folder had 39 Pages
They dated back to 22/08/2007
Ranged to 22/12/2009 (today)

2007 Events

NOTE: The figures/counts are e-mail counts, not the actual event count, although they’re kind of relative. E.g. We might’ve have 100 Movies emails and only 50 Beach emails, but went to the Beach more.

So, let’s have a look at the type of events we (generally refers to my close group of friends from Highschool, Uni etc tend to use Facebook o.o..) e-mailed about..

The % of Event Types, 07

I bolded the highest %, although it’s quite obvious here.. Birthdays, ah.. But that was before Facebook dominated birthday invites. Just a note.. Gathering is kind of a “misc.” category, pretty much just involves meeting up and doing whatever.. like usually a one-off event, e.g. going bowling.

2008 Events

Moving on..

The % of Event Types, 08

Birthdays still hold the highest %, however Movies aren’t far behind! Hmm not sure what happened last year to be honest, perhaps we just decided to go out more =P. We didn’t have Dinner together? 😦 I think it was bundled with Movies/Gathering most of the times in 2008.

2009 Events

This year.. this.. packed year..

The % of Event Types, 09

Overtaken by Movies, and damn we saw a lot of movies in 2009.. Far out guys lol.

Then again, our email list expanded this year :).

I think what happened to Birthdays.. is that most of the invites and initiations were completed through Facebook this year, probably since a lot of us had 21sts and they expanded beyond our little group =P.


Oh yes.. we cant forget this can we? You guys all love the spam I bet.

Over the 2 years, we’ve sent many emails out about presents for people’s birthdays (obviously I can’t give a count for my ones.. [if any LOL jk]):

% of Emails per person

Fred.. I think if you were on that mailing list for 2009 you would’ve gone insane, I know some people *cough* Wing *cough* were bitching about it LOL.

Per Person

So just for fun (like the rest of this post), here’s a general overview of the total % of spam generated because of a person (i.e. the % of emails due to the event initiator):

% of Emails caused by..

Whups.. looks like I’m quite to blame here, almost doubling everyone LOL! But I’m sure 2010 you’ll hear from me even more ;].


And of course; the totals:

Yearly Email (Event+Present) count.

The figures are the sums of the presents emails plus the event emails; the total number of emails for the year. WTF 2009?

Events vs Presents count

So this is just comparing the total number of emails that were events versus those which were presents.

Thus, the grand total number of relevant emails in that folder comes down to approximately 1167 (I can only give an approximation because you’ll need to +/- 1 for each event/present if I was the one who started the emailing..).

I’ll leave it at this for now! I found it quite interesting, yeah yeah, call me a nerd, whatever =P.

Maybe I’ll come up with a part 2.

Can’t wait to see what 2010 is going to be like, Facebook dominance and monolithic Emailing still?

P.S. Yes, I love Pie Charts despite their supposed “impracticality”, speaking of which, here’s an awesome article featuring them 🙂

4 thoughts on “Spam for Stats.

  1. angela says:

    I couldn’t read your charts on facebook! and 2009 Types of Events: Road trips 15% YEH MAN MORE THAN FREAKING BIRTHDAYS CANBERRA FTW ok not really.

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