With a Blue Window.

Today (yesterday, 30/12/2009) we took our family friends to the Blue Mountains, namely Katoomba and Leura.

We made our first stop in Leura – we stopped by a small cafe for morning tea/breakfast.

First stop.

So anyway, I just thought I’d mention that if you were to stop by Blue Mountains, you should make a stop at Leura, Katoomba. They have a mall/market there and the stores just sell interesting things!

Angela – there was a store called “Fine Stationery” (I think) and it had those Japanese erasers shaped like.. milk cartons, ramen bowls, tempura etc..

Like the frame we got Chumpy for his 20th, the actual store is there too!

There was a nice candy store there which had some interesting candies and American soft drinks haha.

But of course, if you’re going to Leura, you have to stop at Bygone Beauties.

Bygone Beauties

Um.. so as any tourist would – go to like Echo’s Point, Scenic View, and Jenolan Caves (didn’t go to the latter 2 because of traffic + amount of queuing).

The Three Sisters

Anyway.. it’s late, and I’ve driven like a total of 5 hours (~230kms) so.. for the rest of the photos: http://facebook.com/sukari



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