Long time no see, BSOD.

So.. I’ll give a quick run down on my first day at BAT I guess.

Very quickly – BAT has already left a better impression than Oracle because I’ve already got e-mail, rather than waiting 6 weeks!

(I’m only at a company for 6 months, so 6 weeks without e-mail is like 1.5 months of those 6 months.. wondering like a ghost, pfft..).

We live in a busy world, so I’ll be considerate and put everything in point form –

Today I..

  • Woke up around 6am
  • Rolled out of bed around 6:15am
  • Brushed my teeth and washed my face around 6:20am
  • Finished making breakfast around 6:30am
  • Finished eating breakfast around 6:40am
  • Got changed, fixed my hair, and brushed my teeth again around 6:55am
  • Prepared my tea a funky bottle (see Figure 1) around 6:58am
  • Left the house at 7am
  • Got to work at 8:20am
  • Waited in the car till 8:40am
  • Met my supervisor/line manager at 8:50am
  • Talk, introductions, setups till about 12pm
  • Lunch till about 1pm
  • “Employee Health and Safety” till 2:10pm
  • (Best) Safety video till 2:35pm
  • Factory “tour” till 3:10pm
  • Rewatch best safety video till 3:40pm
  • More talk + walking etc etc.. signed some forms till about 4:30pm
  • Told to leave at around 4:45pm

Special notes:

  • No, they do not smoke in the office
  • The computer I was given BSOD‘s and won’t let me log in
  • The first number I called with my deskphone (yes I have a deskphone this time) was the helpdesk @ around 10:30am


Figure 1:

Awesome bottle

So if you can see.. the left side of the bottle is where you’d put the tea leaves (you can unscrew it).

Note to self – don’t fill to the 400mL mark – this makes it impossible to drink while driving, and risk burning your er.. through your pants.. yeah..

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