Happy Australia Day!

Despite the weather reports telling us that it could likely rain and thunderstorm; seems like not even the weather could stop this nation from celebrating it’s beloved public holiday.

How did everyone celebrate their Australia Day?

We went to Georges River at Chipping Norton for ours.

Friends and Fishing

The rest of the photos will be on my facebook.

So yeah, despite the hot weather, we celebrated this day under the glorious Australian summer sun.

(Damn it I want one of those inflatable thongs they had at the beach!)

So I hope everyone had a lovely day, it was great weather after all!

A quick heads up – Australia day marks the first day the Europeans arrived in Australia, i.e. when the First Fleet arrived.

Just in case you are asked you don’t make a slip up like our former Education Minister! (oops!)

So.. Murray or Nadal? ;]


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