Driving you Mad.

Well before I get started with what I was going to blog about – I’m going to quickly tell you all about what happened today at work.

Oh Mr. Stephen R. Covey, you're havin' a laugh.

Yes, it involves THIS book..

Alright so, at work.. as I was about to send my work off to a co-worker, the Lotus Notes server went down (again).

So, in order to kill time, I started to sort out my calendar/diary for the upcoming weeks.

I noticed on Thursday next week (4th of Feb.), my manager invited me to attend what was called a BA (Business Analyst) Forum. So in order to get a better understanding of what that is, I went to ask her.

Her response was.. “Oh, that’s right! I was suppose to give you this book to read before Thursday.”

Damn it Covey.. you’re loving this aren’t you? My lunches will no longer be with you, YouTube :(.

Should’ve kept my mouth shut =P.

Anyway.. to the main point of this post..

Driving Pet Peeves.

For those who know me and my driving, I like to consider myself a relative safe driver and one that follows the road rules.

However, this often has certain implications, and I think also requires patience and high tolerance for morons.

Now what?

Alright here’s the deal.. I believe that when it comes to driving, there are two things that should always be at the back of the drivers mind:

1. The driver’s own safety.

2. The safety of others (be it your passengers or others on the road).

Subsequently that means the driver should also know and admit to his/her own driving abilities.

So when I’m driving, I’m always trying to keep those in mind, but it’s hard sometimes when you have morons on the road. Here’s the irony, P platers are often up in the figures when it comes do annual road fatalities/casualties, and they’re also often blamed for reckless driving. However when there is a P plater like myself trying to drive safely and according to the road rules, we also are subject to abuse, so which is it that you want, another figure in your statistics or proper driving?

So here you have it, my top 4 pet peeves when it comes to the road:

1. Tailgaters – I cannot stress this enough, hey mate, it’s a 60km/h zone, what the hell do you want me to do? You also know it’s ILLEGAL right? You know, I hate tailgaters so much that I’m willing to CHANGE lanes so they can pass and then change back. It’s annoying and it puts a lot of pressure because you have to be extra careful when you hit the brakes. Hell, sometimes I wish I could just slam the brakes – it’ll still be their fault too for being closer than 3seconds distance.

As the guy in the Initial D movie said: “Wah, why is he kissing my ass? Can’t wait to get laid or something.”

2. Weavers – You know the type, the type of people who think it’s totally awesome to swerve in and out of busy traffic from lane to lane trying to get ahead of you. Oh guess what, you still end up next to me – it’s very annoying that I have to keep stopping for you so you can shove your car in front of me. It’s a TRAFFIC JAM for a reason, why can you not wait like the rest of us? Which brings me to my next peeve..

3. Indicatorless – Drivers.. those drivers who refuse to use their indicators when changing lanes or turning – what the hell? Where is your other hand? It’s really not that hard to flick the indicator up/down to let people know that you need to cut into the lane. If it was a forced left/right turn, fine, but lane changing is different, DO IT.

4. No Thank You – So kind heartedly you let the car on the left lane desperately trying to merge with the traffic in front of you and he/she quickly does so, but continues to drive off – what’s missing? The quick wave, the universal driving sign of appreciation – “Thank you”. It can be quite annoying sometimes when people don’t do this, aren’t we taught as youngins to always say Thanks/Please/Sorry etc..?

Anyway just thought I’d share 🙂

Don’t worry, you’ll never see me road rage, just love to bitch sometimes.



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