mind.blown(0) = true;

Let’s try a new category for this blog – yes I know I used a magic number

Since I’ve been lacking posts lately.. I thought I’ll try something new. Today at work I showed this to my co-worker, and he didn’t know, I’ve also shown a few people out of work too and they didn’t know this either.

Well now they do, and perhaps their mind was blown away.

Today’s mind.blown(i) = true; where ‘i’ is an integer is credited to Ben Wong for showing me.

It will be about..

Microsoft Word 2007

Microsoft Word (mainly, but not limited to: 2003 and 2007 versions).

So we’re all familiar with this application, we probably use it almost on a daily basis for whatever reason.

Here’s a little trick that might become useful – especially since nowadays most monitors are widescreens.

So let’s say.. we’re working on this document – and it’s currently opened on page 1:

First page of a document - click to enlarge

So let’s say we need to type some stuff about this graph, so we type, type, type.. eventually you’re going to run the graph off the screen.

Page 2 - note that we cannot see anymore of page 1's content

So.. Did you know that you can split the screen so that you can view two sections of the document and edit them simultaneously?

Click and drag down the bar near the top right corner.

Click and drag downwards

Get about half way – half half, fair-ish..

P.s. GG caught listening to Jay Chou.

What’s special about this is that you can adjust the views of each section independently of each other – of course any changes will be visible in both views.

However this allows you to have say the top section zoomed into at 200% and the bottom kept at 100% or whatever.

Of course the main advantage of this is to have different sections of the document being displayed so it’s very useful for work that requires referencing of content from an earlier/later section.

To return back to the original view, click and drag the bar back to the top, and it’ll disappear~

And that is the first mind.blown(0) = true; I hope this was helpful 🙂


P.S. This works for Excel too~


5 thoughts on “mind.blown(0) = true;

  1. Adrian says:

    Hi Ben,

    It’s been a while since I last saw you at CCA. Saw this and thought I would add some, it’s a neat trick but I found a more useful one.

    This works best on a widescreen, and even BETTER with windows 7 (because of the whole Windows + Arrow Key to snap to half the screen trick),

    In Office 07 -or- 10

    1. Open the document you need to edit
    2. Click the “view” tab
    3. Look for the “New Window” button and click it
    4. Now you got two windows of the same document, and if you have the screen real-estate, you can do this as many times as you like. (Perfect for, say, two wide screens, where you can keep the Table of Contents on one window, what your working on in another, and any stuff you might need to reference on a third)

    • sukari89 says:

      Hey! How is it going? You still at CCA?

      Haha that is cool! I was looking for something like this! Very useful. Thanks.

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