Imperial vs. Metric

So I recently got flamed on a forum by two, I’m-going-to-assume Americans (given their defensiveness).

The thread title was: Converting ingame ms* to km/h
(*ms: game-term; Movement speed arbitrary measurement).

As a “troll” post, I threw a remark about the Imperial system (note the thread title – km/h; metric) because a few days ago I came across an interesting image. It looked like this (if you have a HoN account, I think you can view it):

Originally Posted by Sukari View Post

You can’t use km/hr because Americans won’t understand!

The red:

Red - countries using the Imperial system.

OK, well maybe it was my fault since I tried to troll the thread, but really, I don’t believe (and the majority of the players) that you could’ve converted a “measuring unit” such as movement speed, which is measured by game-units/second, where game-unit could be pretty much anything.. pixels.. number of pixels.. distances between pixels, or whatever.

Anyway.. another argument was going on about that, so they didn’t need my 2cents for it. A few pages later, I get my first reply:

Originally Posted by MsChoksOnDik View Post

Yes because measuring systems are hard. Do you know the one Americans use? Right, you don’t. Do I know the one you and I use? Yes.

Not everyones retarded in the world, just you

I read this a few times, I’m still a bit confused about it. I can’t be bothered replying to any of these because the thread has too many pages now and people are trying to kill the thread. So.. my interpretation is..

So he renforces that I don’t understand the one “Americans use” – I’m going to assume Imperial; tick, I don’t.

But then he goes.. the one you and I use? So perhaps my assumption that he’s American is wrong. But.. how does this make me retarded? lol.

This one was good:

Originally Posted by Moda View Post

let’s go for the irony gold: how many stone in a hundredweight, australia boy?

and why don’t you make a map of who around the world uses that?

I’ll admit, I have no idea what hundredweight is or how much a stone weighs. But doing some research.. it would seem that.. this was used in the UK from about the 14th Century, however is legally not used anymore because of law changes. However, the US has adapted this and aka’d it as cental, 100lb – 100 pounds.

OK.. so if I drew a map of who around the world uses that, it’ll just be US? First of all, I didn’t draw the first map, I google’d it. Also.. is it just me or does he think the UK incl. Australia? Someone help me out, I can’t find the irony gold.

During my research.. I came across this funny blog-post (well funny for me, seems like a lot of Americans were offended, whups?):

Metric vs. Imperial or Will the USA ever go metric?

Imperial goes on the attack again with a curly one: How much does a litre of water weigh?
Metric comes back quickly with: 1 kilogramHow much does a pint of water weigh?

Imperial reels back with such a tough one. He hesitates.

“Thought he’d do that Bill, he’s looking shaky. I wonder how he’s trained for this?”

Suddenly, Imperial’s eyes light up and he comes back with:1.0431758 pounds

Well anyway, just food for thought.

Fact of the matter is, it’s not really going to affect me. If I ever need to learn the Imperial system, I guess I will.

Even if that doesn’t work.. there’s always Google.

But it just makes me wonder sometimes why USA are still sticking to this system, yes, in some cases they are the leaders – but when it comes to measuring systems, they’re definitely outliers.


One thought on “Imperial vs. Metric

  1. MK3424 says:

    for converting M/s to Km/H you have to multiply by 3.6 because you multiply by 3600 for hours conversion and divide by 1000 for the Km distance

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