Ah, It Must Be Spring.*

*In the northern hemisphere (incl. Japan).

So, those familiar with romantic, drama, comedy, and maybeechii manga/anime might be familiar with that line.

Usually the wind blows past a bunch of school girls and well.. yeah anyway.

So this is a rant about the current season of anime – as you may know, I kind of try to do this every season.

Spring~ Spring~~

The current animes for the Spring season are all about half-way through airing. Oh, before I continue, Cross Game (manga) finished like last month.. very, very good, probably the best ending of Adachi’s works :).

Anyway.. so this season.. I remember saying earlier and to a few friends, that this season seems to be fully of harem (h), echii (e), (shallow) romance (r), supernatural (s), and comedy (c). With a few exceptions^.

The ones I’m currently watching (going to) are:

And of course, the continuing series from last season (not following the trend of this season, maybe use a comparison?):

So currently I’m following, for this season.. 8 animes, and from last, 3. I’ve also put a few on the backburner because of time >=|.. like Fairy Tail, Kobato (CLAMP), and Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (and it’s main story too).

Of these 8, 6 of them have a school setting. Just a note haha.

If I had to make recommendations, depending on what you’re after really. This season is a bit of a mix, a weird mix – normally supernatural borderlining horror is not thrown together with romantic echii comedy.

Baka no Test no Shoukanjuu is worth checking out, I think it’s pretty unique with it’s concept – a school that works by a battle system, more points in test = more attack points etc. But of course, that’s not the whole point of the anime, just used to help the plot, wait, what plot?

I’ve heard that Dance in the Vampire Bund was a very, very good light novel. I’ve only seen two episodes of the anime, it’s a bit weird for me (and not a usual theme – vampires). Last season was probably like my first anime that involved Vampires/Oddities – Bakemonogatari, which I loveddd (and still do, just waiting for the last episode..).

Durarara!! I still don’t know how to pronounce that properly without stuttering or laughing. It has a unique art style and presentation style, the first few episodes might catch you off guard a bit. But you learn to appreciate it. Probably the one I’m enjoying the most now for this season. It’s about an Irish myth – a Dullahan working as a motorcycle courier in Japan. I love it when an anime/story has a bunch of characters that later relate somehow, the build up is always great.

And.. well.. that’s it really, lol.

Look, honourable mention: Ladies Versus Butlers! I like to watch, good art, it’s funny, has a more.. serious romantic factor I suppose. But the harem gets annoying sometimes. But overall, enjoyable to watch, and something I do look forward to every week.

Yep.. I better stop, I know Hao is gonna slam me down for this and say something like: “GG, only Gintama la.”

Back to work 🙂


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