2010 NBA Playoff Predictions; First Round.

So today was the final day of the normal season.

Happy that the Nuggets managed to grab the 4th seed, and Chicago managed to bump into the 8th seed :).

Current standings are as follows (1st to 8th):

EAST: Cleveland, Orlando, Atlanta, Boston, Miami, Milwaukee, Charlotte, Chicago
WEST: Los Angelas, Dallas, Phoenix, Denver, Utah, Portland, San Antonio, Oklahoma City

So here are my predictions for the first round playoffs..

Just some reference, the bracket is here.


  • Cleveland(1) vs Chicago(8): This should be pretty straight forward, although I am rooting for Chicago, Cleveland will probably take this one 4 games to 1 or 4 games to 0. But Chicago will definitely come out as a stronger team for next year! Cleveland
  • Boston(4) vs Miami(5): Although Boston has been lacking and losing lately, a lot of the key players have also had their minutes limited, as a result, I still think Boston will have a better chance over Miami (who I see as pretty inconsistent). But it should be close, I’m thinking 4 games to 2 or maybe even 4 games to 3. Boston
  • Atlanta(3) vs Milwaukee(6): To be honest, I’m quite surprised Milwaukee made it up into the top 8th; they just started going crazy near the 2nd half of the season with A. Bogut. However, given Bogut’s nasty injury and the strong team of Atlanta.. I’m going for Atlanta on this one, 4 games to 2. Atlanta
  • Magic(2) vs Charlotte(7): I think this one is quite simple too, there is no doubt the runner ups for last year are going to take the conference finals again; needless to mention how strong defensively they are too. I’m going Orlando for 4 games to 1. Orlando


  • LA(1) vs Oklahoma City(8): I’ll give major props for Oklahoma City and Kevin Durant for his spectacular season – and congratulations to him for being the youngest leading scorer in the NBA; dethroning the king Lebron James himself. However, their playoff fairytale is going to be short lived. LA will take this one probably with a bit of a struggle 4 games to 2, maybe they’ll lose the first one as well. Los Angelas
  • Denver(4) vs Utah(5): I’m going for Denver, and I’m hoping they’ll make it through the first round.. Kenyon Martin is back and has shaken off some rust, so hopefully they will all be ready for the playoffs. They have started to slump a bit, but when they get on fire, they stay on fire. So.. I’m going to give them my vote of confidence; 4 games to 3. Denver
  • Phoenix(3) vs Portland(6): I’m really not too sure to be honest.. but I’m going to give this to Phoenix because I feel they have a better team and better chemistry; probably thanks to Steve Nash, 4 games to 2. Phoenix
  • Dallas(2) vs San Antonio(7): Dallas for sure, they’ve been doing really well lately. They’ve also been giving LA a lot of trouble this season. 4 games to 1 (sorry Ginobili); However.. with Tony Parker’s return.. who knows!. Dallas

What do you think?


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