Looong Weekend.

Don’t we all just love the Queen’s Birthday?

So, I think I should probably give an update about the long weekend, as well as my thoughts and all that awesomely interesting stuff.

As you may (may not) know, my 21st birthday was on the Friday (11th June).

It was a fairly normal day, until around 11am, when a Senior Business Analyst who sits opposite of me approaches my work cubicle and says “Happy Birthday mate”, as I stood up to shake his hand/thank him – I saw on the corner of my eye a bunch of co-workers and a cake.

It’s nice you know.. it just feels like such a warm place to work.

I spent the rest of the afternoon decorating our work cubicles because of this IT social committee competition.. followed by the usual Friday basketball after work.

Got home to see the flood of e-mail notifications from Facebook – thanks everyone.

Saturday though, Saturday was the big one. I wish to thank everyone who attended, it really made the night special and memorable:

Thank you to the BITs and ISMs for the presents, thank you to Ben Wong and James Woon for the speeches; extra thanks to James Woon for coming!

Thank you to my non-BIT/ISM friends for the empty boxes (lol?), the awesome card, and special thanks to Chumpy, Hans and Wing for the song. Oh, and of course – thanks for getting me home.

Screw you Wing.

Thanks to his 4 shots of Tequila I spent the weekend with a dry throat. Apart from that, it was all very good. Never doing shots again, NEVER.

It’s a nice feeling though, it felt nice to know that I’ve more or less left a fairly good impression on my friends.

Sunday was pretty much laze around until David’s 21st party =P.

Monday was pretty much laze around too; went to the airport to pick up family friend, and had a somewhat celebratory dinner with the family.

Slept like shit – think I’m getting sick =X.


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