Tippings: Matchday 12

So in season of things, I thought, why not?!

Work is currently having an inter-IT department World Cup tipping competition. I’m currently placed 24th out of 43.. (thanks a lot France/England!).

Anyway, I thought I’d share some of my (very limited) thoughts and tips for day 12:

I think I better note that ALL the first round games are already tipped and submitted – that’s the rules, they cannot be changed.

The table below just shows my opinion IF I could change it, after the completed matches.

Match Up
Original Tip Changes Comments
Mexico v Uruguay Mexico Uruguay The teams in this group have been very unpredictable, but at least I’m fairly certain that this team is in high spirits after their 3-0 win over South Africa..
France v South Africa France South Africa I’ve lost a lot of confidence in the French team. Their recent shenanigans plus the fact that South Africa will definitely be gunning for a home-win.. it’s really hard to see France take this one.
Nigeria v Korea Republic Nigeria Korea Republic As long as they don’t own goal themselves again.. I am basing this off stats – I haven’t seen Nigeria play yet, but I will try to catch this match. South Korea is quite fun to watch.
Greece v Argentina Argentina N/A Hopefully I’ll get to see something from Messi – my co-worker has been going on about him!

Most Unsuccessful Group(s):

For me – Groups A, C and F are currently ALL wrong.

Even Group(s):

For me (2 right/2 wrong) – Groups B and Group H (Oh Switzerland, you…).

Most Successful Group(s):

For me – Groups D, E, and G currently each have 3 right and 1 wrong.

Personal Greatest Hope:

Japan of course – who else? Fred, you may laugh at me because Nakamura (10) or Tamada (11) didn’t have much of an impact against the Netherlands, but you’ll see! You will!

Japan to win over Denmark! Round 2, c’mon!

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