Tippings: Matchday 13

Alright, day 13.

First – I remember a few days ago, I commented to my brother:

I wonder how the North Korean fans were able to come to South Africa.

Last night he told me something pretty interesting:

There was a news report today that the North Korean fans were supposedly just hired Chinese actors.

To be honest, I can’t say I’d be surprised if that was true, but anyway, here is the article I managed to find online.

And now for the results of day 12 and my tips for day 13!

Results for Matchday 12:

Well.. Group A and B have finished, the teams advancing are:

A – Uruguay[7pt] and Mexico[4pt]

B – Argentina[9pt] and Korea Republic[4pt]

Match Up Original Tip Changes Result
Mexico v Uruguay Mexico Uruguay Uruguay wins 0:1
France v South Africa France South Africa South Africa wins 1:2
Nigeria v Korea Republic Nigeria Korea Republic Draw at 2:2
Greece v Argentina Argentina N/A Argentina wins 0:2

Tips for Matchday 13:

I’ll add what I think the scores will be too, just to make it a bit more interesting – not that I have any sort of solid basis.

Match Up Original Tip Changes Comments
Slovenia v England England N/A Robert Green or not, England would be pushing really hard to win this – Slovenia is pretty much through already.

There is no way England would want to lose to USA ;].

0:1 to England.

USA v Algeria USA N/A Well.. basing this off stats again I guess. Similar to England – USA will be pushing to get through.

2:1 to USA.

Ghana v Germany Germany N/A I know that Ghana needs to win (along with Australia) so that Australia will have a chance, but since “I can score goals apart from penalties.. LOL jk I’m Ghana” – I’m going to stick with Germany.

0:2 to Germany.

Australia v Serbia Australia N/A No change here. But given I’ve tipped Germany to win and their current state, it’s like the NBA2k10 commentators will say:

“They might be discussing strategy, or perhaps what’s on the dinner menu, because this game(tournament) is pretty much over for them.”

1:0 to Australia.

I shall colour the groups that have been completed (these are based off the inter-IT competition, NOT my blog).

Most Unsuccessful Group(s):

For me – Groups A, C and F are currently ALL wrong.

Group A: 0/6

Even Group(s):

For me (2 right/2 wrong) – Groups B and Group H (Oh Switzerland, you…).

Group B: 3/6

Most Successful Group(s):

For me – Groups D, E, and G currently each have 3 right and 1 wrong.


As per usual, Ganbatte Nippon! Show us your Giant Killing

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