Tippings: Matchday 14

Day 14.

This is the match to watch for me; Japan v Denmark!!

As long as Japan can overcome Denmark, they will advance, and I hope they do as well.

Results for Matchday 13:

Group C and D have finished now.

So that means currently:

A – Uruguay[7pt] and Mexico[4pt]

B – Argentina[9pt] and Korea Republic[4pt]

C – USA[5pt] and England [5pt]

D – Germany[6pt] and Ghana[4pt]

Looking forward to making that mock-bracket soon hehe.

Match Up Original Tip Changes Result
Slovenia v England England England W 0:1 England wins 0:1
USA v Algeria USA USA W 2:1 USA wins 1:0
Ghana v Germany Germany Germany W 0:2 Germany wins 0:1
Australia v Serbia Australia Australia W 1:0 Australia wins 2:1

*I must’ve read the points wrong with Slovenia; thought they had 7 or something.. lol oops =P.

Tips for Matchday 14:

I’ll add what I think the scores will be too, just to make it a bit more interesting – not that I have any sort of solid basis.

Match Up Original Tip Changes Comments
Slovakia v Italy Italy Draw Italy has been very unpredictable this tournament; drawing with Paraguay and almost losing to New Zealand, but their on field drama has been able to get them through.

But Slovakia is sitting in last place for the group. Mm.. hard call for me – 1:1

Paraguay v New Zealand Paraguay N/A It would be nice if Italy loses instead, I think New Zealand has done very well this time around. It would be nice to see them go through to the next round.

Paraguay: 2:0

Denmark v Japan Japan N/A Japan is currently 2nd in the group, and from Denmark’s performance with Netherlands, I still believe Japan will be able to pull through (given they don’t play a full-defensive game again).

Plus, there are a few players that I’m still waiting to see action from ;]

Japan: 1:0

Cameroon v Netherlands Netherlands N/A Strong team.. not much else to say, should be fairly one sided.

Netherlands: 3:0

I shall colour the groups that have been completed (these are based off the inter-IT competition, NOT my blog).

Most Unsuccessful Group(s):

For me – Groups A and F are currently ALL wrong.

Group A: 0/6
Group C: 2/6 (not too bad, almost a 0/6 lol).

Even Group(s):

For me (2 right/2 wrong) – Groups B and Group H (Oh Switzerland, you…).

Group B: 3/6

Most Successful Group(s):

For me – Groups D, E, and G currently each have 3 right and 1 wrong.

Group D: 5/6 (Argh.. I still don’t know how you lost to Serbia, Germany..)


As per usual, Ganbatte Nippon! Show us your Giant Killing

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