Tippings: Matchday 15

Day 15.

Today will feature a special game, Portugal vs Brazil – clash of the titans.

Yay for Japan 🙂

Results for Matchday 13:

Group E and F have finished now.

So that means the teams entering the Round of 16 are:

A – Uruguay[7pt] and Mexico[4pt]

B – Argentina[9pt] and Korea Republic[4pt]

C – USA[5pt] and England [5pt]

D – Germany[6pt] and Ghana[4pt]

E – Netherlands[9pt] and Japan[6pt]

F – Paraguay[5pt] and Slovakia[4pt]

2 groups left :O, anyway, results of day 14:

Match Up Original Tip Changes Result
Slovakia v Italy Italy Draw at 1:1 Slovakia wins 3:2
Paraguay v New Zealand USA Paraguay W 2:0 Draw at 0:0
Denmark v Japan Japan Japan W 0:1 Japan wins 1:3
Cameroon v Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands W 3:0 Netherlands win 1:2

Tips for Matchday 15:

I’ll add what I think the scores will be too, just to make it a bit more interesting – not that I have any sort of solid basis.

Match Up Original Tip Changes Comments
Portugal v Brazil Brazil Portugal I don’t know.. Brazil haven’t been performing as well as I thought they would be.

Then again neither has Portugal, until the North Korean game – well.. just a hunch I guess. Brazil are also missing Kaka.

Portugal to win 2:1

Korea DPR v Ivory Coast Ivory Coast N/A I think this pretty much a given, I wonder if anyone has actually put money on North Korea to win any of their matches..

Ivory Coast to win 0:2

Chile v Spain Spain N/A According to David, great teams will shine later, let’s hope so, haha.

Spain to win 0:2

Switzerland v Honduras Switzerland Draw Not too sure how well Honduras attacks, but Switzerland’s defense should be solid enough, I just don’t really see them scoring a goal thought..

Draw at 0:0

I shall colour the groups that have been completed (these are based off the inter-IT competition, NOT my blog).

Most Unsuccessful Group(s):

For me – Groups A and F are currently ALL wrong.

Group A: 0/6
Group C: 2/6 (not too bad, almost a 0/6 lol).

Group F: 0/6 (thanks a lot Italy and New Zealand ._________.).

Even Group(s):

For me (2 right/2 wrong) – Groups B and Group H (Oh Switzerland, you…).

Group B: 3/6

Most Successful Group(s):

For me – Groups D, E, and G currently each have 3 right and 1 wrong.

Group D: 5/6 (Argh.. I still don’t know how you lost to Serbia, Germany..)
Group E: 5/6


My rank bumped from 26th to 22nd, well.. thanks Japan :).


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