Tippings: Round of 16

Day 16 – Round of 16!

Round 1 complete!

How BORING was the Portugal-Brazil game? Awesome tackle by Melo from Brazil though.

So that means the teams entering the Round of 16 are:

A – Uruguay[7pt] and Mexico[4pt]

B – Argentina[9pt] and Korea Republic[4pt]

C – USA[5pt] and England [5pt]

D – Germany[6pt] and Ghana[4pt]

E – Netherlands[9pt] and Japan[6pt]

F – Paraguay[5pt] and Slovakia[4pt]

G – Brazil[7pt] and Portugal[6pt]

H – Spain[6pt] and Chile[6pt]

Results of day 15:

Match Up Original Tip Changes Result
Portugal v Brazil Brazil Portugal W 2:1 DRAW AT 0:0
Korea DPR v Ivory Coast Ivory Coast Ivory Coast W 0:2 Ivory Coast wins 0:3
Chile v Spain Spain Spain W 0:2 Spain wins 1:2
Switzerland v Honduras Switzerland Draw at 0:0 Draw at 0:0

Since I’m not at work.. don’t know how my overall score/rank is.

But anyway, here’s the exciting part!

The mock-bracket; here’s how I think things will go down (no, I didn’t include scores because things have been so unpredictable =_________=):

My mock-bracket, CLICK TO ENLARGE

Flame away noobs!
EDIT: So I’m wrong straight off the bat, anyway.. here’s what I think will happen now that Uruguay made it through; very good game though.

Wrong Count: 1 - Updated from Game1 of Ro16

EDIT: Fail, Ghana wins in Golden Goal, updated to reflect changes:

Wrong: 2, I thought they could only score on penalties =X

P.S. Varun: I know you said Spain will win, but given their performance and initial match-up against Portugal, I just can’t see it..


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