Waking up in the Dark.

Mum: “Hey I got batteries for your torch.”

Me: “Ah OK, but I don’t really use it anyway..”

This morning, I woke up at 6:00am to turn off my buzzing alarm. Normally, as a follow-up from that, I would power up my desktop (if it’s switched off).

To my surprise however, it wasn’t turning on. Worried that I busted the power supply (again??) I looked around and noticed that nothing was working.

It was pitch dark and the thought of having to get dressed, have a cold breakfast and manually open the garage door in the dark.. I decided to crawl back into bed for a bit longer (lucky for school holidays!).

I left the house at around 7:30am when the sun was up. The drive seemed normal, however as soon as I hit the first traffic lights, I immediately realised there were.. none.

A widespread power outage lasting more than four hours caused traffic headaches in Sydney’s north this morning.

About 50,000 homes and businesses lost power in Carlingford, Cheltenham, Cherrybrook, Dural, Berowra, Brooklyn and surrounding suburbs from about 4.40am, residents said.

Source - SMH

Blackouts are nothing new to me, but:

  1. Waking up to a black out is.
  2. Having no traffic lights for 30% of a journey is.

All the way up to the Hawkesbury

Apart from dismissing the torch batteries.. another irony was that last night I was reading: Highschool of the Dead (pretty good BTW), I was up to a chapter where *MINOR SPOILER* an E.M.P. attack was launched which disabled all electrical devices.

Then I wake up to a powerless suburb haha.

Ps. Kudos to the police for their help with the traffic.


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