Predators – Thoughts/Rant.

Good morning everyone.

Congratulations to Spain for their World Cup victory. I guess Varun was right afterall. I gave up drawing the brackets after both Brazil and Argentina were knocked out.

Oh well..

Anyway, today I just want to throw some thoughts down for the movie Predators which I went to see on Friday last week.

When I came home from it, I immediately updated my Facebook status saying it was crap, and I rarely say anything is crap. Yet.. the critics/general reviews seem to disagree with me. I’m not too sure why, but I’m pretty certain they’ll talk about some “artistic directions” or something.

Movie poster


First of all, let me get this out of the way. In every survival horror/action film we see nowadays (minor exaggeration) from Hollywood, you’ll notice immediately a few things.

There will always be: An Asian, An African/African American, and because it’s the 21st Century, there will always be a Mexican/South American now too.

These three types of characters will always die, very cliche if they all die first too – this shouldn’t even be a spoiler alert.

Now, here comes a bit of variance: if there is one woman, she will survive. If there is more than one, only one of them will survive. Whoever the camera shows as the first survivor, he/she will be the main.

If there is a Russian and he has kids, one of them will be called Sasha (LOL totally called that one).

What I didn’t enjoy:

  • It didn’t live up to it’s original predecessors; Predator 1 and 2.
  • Because it was also set in a jungle, immediate comparisons were drawn with Predator 1.
  • The humans used the same tricks on the fast evolving Predators they used 20+  years ago and still managed to win.
  • Random characters enter/leave.
  • Seemed less violent/gory than the originals.
  • Characters didn’t work too well together – did they purposely make the Asian look like a weirdo?
  • The Asian vs the Predator scene was so bad.. in short, he pretty much realised he was in a long grass field; just because he’s Japanese, he had to start a katana fight with a predator.
  • Everyone laughed at the Asian.

If you can’t guess which group members survive, you probably haven’t seen too many of these formulaic predictable action films.

Dennis Schwartz

Should’ve watched Karate Kid instead, LOL.

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