[Amagami SS] Character Ranking.

So.. since Amagami SS is probably one of my favourite animes for this season..

Given the nature of the anime – see old post and the fact that the 2nd story just ended today.

Let’s have a little fun and share thoughts.

So the first story was for Haruka Morishima.

The second story was for Kaoru Tanamachi.

So here’s how I’d rank their stories/personalities:

1. Kaoru:


2. Haruka:


Overall preferred Kaoru over Haruka because of her down-to-Earth personality and how she was such a rock for Junichi, very headstrong too – just sucks how she didn’t get a post-ED scene like Haruka 😛
Looks like the next story will be.. Nakata Sae, a junior.
P.S. I like how the main guy-character is an overall good character too; consistent between stories too.

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